COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination

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Important Notice to All Volunteers

The Victorian Health Authorities has directed the Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination for workers. For our parish, this requirement involves those who are in the parish ministries who work at or in connection with a place of worship and are subject to Mandatory Vaccination Directions.

In order to assist us with this direction we are asking all those involved in our parish ministries to send us a copy of their Covid-19 vaccination certificate via email This private document will be treated with respect and will not be shared with anyone.

Your cooperation will enable us to open up safely and ensure those who come to our Church are being ministered to in a safe environment. We will inform everyone in the coming days when and how our Church will open.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

For further assistance, please contact the Parish Office on 9401 6345 or or on our enquires form located below.